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Iceberg on the sea

The education and research programs in our department aim to explore the various disciplines associated with the Earth's environment, including the prevention against geologic hazards, material circulation, palaeontology and natural resources.

Topics and News
1 April 2017
Faculty of Science changed the academic structure from 1st April 2017. Faculty of Science have a Department of Science with six educational Courses. Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences changed to Course of Earth Scinece. New website is in preparation.
1 April 2016
Some information are updated.
Dr. Mako Ohzono moved to Hokkaido University.
4 April 2015
Some information are updated.
Prof. Hisao Tanaka retired in March 31, 2015. Dr. Shumpei Yoshimura moved to Hokkaido University.
Dr. Takeshi Yuguchi (Petrology) is arrived to our department!
1 April 2014
Some information in "Contact us" are updated.
1 April 2013
Some information are updated.
Prof. Kazuo Saito retired in March 31, 2013.
Dr. Mako Ohzono (Geodesy) and Dr. Shumpei Yoshimura (Petrology/Volcanology) are arrived to our department!
1 April 2011
On influences of earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011
To those of you who may be concerned about our welfare following the earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Tohoku on 11 March 2011, we would like to report that thankfully all of the students and staff of the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences are safe and that the department did not suffer any significant damage.
7 April 2009
Some information are updated.
22 July 2008
Site Renewal !
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