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Each staff member has their own laboratory and research students. Some staff have also formed research groups in the department or faculty, sharing key research instruments, holding joint seminar sessions or conducting collaborative fieldwork. Some staff also belong to research groups outside of the university, some of which are Japanese projects operating domestically or overseas (e.g. JARE), while others are truly international (e.g. IODP).

Research topics

Department staff member Subject
Akiko Hasemi Seismology: #Crust and mantle structure beneath the Tohoku District using an artificial seismic source, #3-D scattering and attenuation structures in volcanic areas
Kazuo Nakashima Economic geology: #Fluid inclusions in hydrothermal minerals and granite, #Mineralogy of granite, pegmatite and hydrothermal ore deposits
Toshiaki Maruyama Geology and Paleontology: #Diatom biostratigraphy of the North Pacific region, #Neogene stratigraphy of Japan, #Late Cenozoic time scale for the North Pacific area
Fumitaka Yanagisawa Stable isotope geochemistry:#Acid Rain, #Kosa (Yellow Sand), #Chemistry of Snow and Ice, #Chemistry of Aerosol
Toshitaka Suzuki Geochemistry: #Study of atmospheric transport process of aerosol, #Study of environmental signals recorded in polar ice and snow
Masao Ban Volcanology: #Petrology and geochemistry of Quaternary volcanoes, Northeast Japan arc, #Volcanology of Quaternary volcanoes, Northeast Japan arc, #Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenolith from West Eifel, Germany, #Petrology and geochemistry of Quaternary volcanoes, Michoacan Guanajuato Volcanic Field, Mexico
Richard W. Jordan  Marine Micropalaeontology: #Evolution, stratigraphy and palaeoceanography of polar marine diatoms, #Marine diatom and haptophyte taxonomy, ecology and distribution, #Quaternary coccolith stratigraphy and palaeoceanography, #Coral reef ecosystems
Isao Motoyama Geology and Paleoceanography: #Geological and paleoenvironmetal study using radiolaria fossil
Naoyoshi Iwata Geochronology(K-Ar, 40Ar-39Ar datings) : #Dating of flood basalts, #Dating of plutonic rocks of NE Japan, #Dating of metamorphic rocks of Antarctica, #Investigation of Antarctic micrometeorites and meteorites
Shin'ichi Kagashima Geology and Petrology: #Evolution of the granitic continental crust, #Evolution, magma ascent, and emplacement of the granitic complex
Takashi Yuguchi Petrology and geochemistry: #3D thermal evolution from intrusion through emplacement to crystallization / solidification of a granitic magma, #mass transfer in the pluton.

Research Fields

Research field Department staff members
Earth and Planetary Science  
  Solid earth and planetary physics  
    Earthquake phenomena Akiko Hasemi
    Volcanic phenomena Masao Ban, Takashi Yuguchi
    Crustal movement/Sea floor crustal movement Akiko Hasemi
    Internal structure Akiko Hasemi
  Meteorology/ Physical oceanography/ Hydrology  
    Land-area water cycle/ Material circulation Fumitaka Yanagisawa
    Water balance Fumitaka Yanagisawa
    Global environmental system Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
    Climatology Toshitaka Suzuki
    Air-sea interaction Toshitaka Suzuki
    Stratum Isao Motoyama
    The earth's crust Shin'ichi Kagashima, Takashi Yuguchi
    Environmental geology Kazuo Nakashima
    Tectonics Shin'ichi Kagashima
    Geologic era Isao Motoyama
    Earth history Isao Motoyama, Naoyoshi Iwata, Shin'ichi Kagashima
    Applied geology Kazuo Nakashima
    Stratigraphic succession Isao Motoyama
    Paleoenvironment Richard W. Jordan, Isao Motoyama
    Fossil Toshiaki Maruyama, Richard W. Jordan, Isao Motoyama
    Phylogeny/ Evolution/ Diversity Richard W. Jordan
    Paleoecology Isao Motoyama, Richard W. Jordan
    Paleobiogeography Isao Motoyama
    Paleo-ocean Toshiaki Maruyama, Richard W. Jordan
  Petrology/ Mineralogy/ Science of ore deposit  
    Crust/ Mantle Core Shin'ichi Kagashima, Takashi Yuguchi
    Magma/ Igneous rock Kazuo Nakashima, Masao Ban, Shin'ichi Kagashima, Takashi Yuguchi
    Metamorphic rock Shin'ichi Kagashima, Takashi Yuguchi
    Natural and artifiial crystals Kazuo Nakashima
    Element fractionation Kazuo Nakashima
    Mineral resources Kazuo Nakashima
    Ore deposit formation Kazuo Nakashima
    Biologic and environmental minerals Kazuo Nakashima
  Geochemistry/ Astrochemistry  
    Element distribution Fumitaka Yanagisawa
    Isotope/ Radiometric age Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki, Naoyoshi Iwata, Shin'ichi Kagashima, Takashi Yuguchi
    Material recycling Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
    Chemistry of the crust and mantle Kazuo Nakashima
    Atmospheric and hydrospheric chemistry Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
Environmental Science  
  Environmental dynamic analysis  
    Environmental change Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
    Biogeochemical cycle Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
    Environmental measurements Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
    Environmental model Fumitaka Yanagisawa
    Environmental information Fumitaka Yanagisawa
    Global warming Fumitaka Yanagisawa, Toshitaka Suzuki
    Global change of water cycle Fumitaka Yanagisawa
    Environmental monitering of the polar regions Toshitaka Suzuki
    Chemical oceanography Toshitaka Suzuki
Basic Biology  
    Classification system Richard W. Jordan
    Evolution Richard W. Jordan
Fisheries Science  
  General fisheries  
    Algae, Seaweeds Richard W. Jordan
    Plankton Richard W. Jordan


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