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Please remember that the deadline for abstracts of Oral and Poster Presentations is
25 June 2010

Following the highly successful meeting in Lyon (INA12, Sept. 2008), the next International Nannoplankton Association conference will be held in Japan - and will be the first time we have gathered in Asia.

Yamagata is located in northern Japan about 300 km from Tokyo and sits within a basin surrounded by mountains. Mt. Gassan, Mt. Yudono-san, and Mt. Haguro-san, collectively called 'Dewa San Zan' ('Three Sacred Mountains of Dewa'; Dewa being the old name for Yamagata Prefecture), characterize the landscape on its western side and are part of our logo along with the rising sun. On the eastern side of Yamagata lies the dormant volcano, Mt. Zao, and its famous crater lake, Okama (which can be seen at the top of this page). In the winter, these mountains are a magnet for thousands of skiers and snowboarders, as well as those wishing to enjoy a bath in the hot water springs.

Yamagata is basically an agricultural region specializing in rice, buckwheat and a wide variety of fruits (e.g. cherries, pears, grapes, water melons), and with almost no heavy industry, the mountain air is remarkably fresh. With its large harvest of grapes and rice, Yamagata is famous for its wine and sake, and also produces some local beers.

The meeting will be held in a relatively new building, called Yamagata Terrsa, which is brimming with new technology, and located less than 5 minutes from your hotels. The hotels are all close to the train station and the downtown with its many bars and restaurants.

The program will be organized into oral and poster sessions, with lunchtime workshops. A few keynote speakers have been invited, and there will be a mid-conference break for those who want to join our cultural excursions and riverside picnic. There will also be a post-conference fieldtrip to the Matsushima area, Miyagi Prefecture.

We are planning to publish selected papers from the meeting in special issues of the sister journals Stratigraphy and Micropaleontology.

We're looking forward to seeing you this year in Yamagata !!

Ric Jordan and the INA13 LOC members 


The 2nd Circular is available for download. See below. If you have any questions, please contact us using the INA13 e-mail address.

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Deadline for submission of 2nd Circular is
28 April 2010.

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